AddedValuePlus is a leading human resources consulting company created to provide an expertise offer in order to meet growing needs and provide a quality solution to both individuals and companies in Maghreb market.

Our field of expertise covers several areas:

Compensation and Benefits

  • Compensation and benefits studies and diagnoses,
  • Studies, diagnostics, definition of compensation systems
  • General or customized wage and benefit inquiries
  • Update with latest market trends in compensation and benefits,
  • Support for Compensation and Benefits Policy

Business Support and optimization

  • Organization diagnostics and optimization
  • Support for staff externalization
  • Support for administrative management (employment contracts, rules of procedure, collective agreement)
  • Support and assistance in setting up social partners structures with mediation support
  • Assistance and support with Ministry of Labor structures (Labor inspection, social security…etc)
  • Support for personnel administration structure implementation
  • Assistance for payroll management optimization with support with social security
  • Business upgrade plans Support
  • Business performance assesment and optimization
  • Organizational management advisory
  • Organization and management of human resources.
  • Assesment and optimization of risks management
  • Development of business plans
  • Development of management policies system
  • Human resources management advisory

Talent Management

  • Assesment of management skills and abilities
  • Diagnosis and evaluation using Myers Briggs Method  » MBTI  »
  • Support to implement manpower and skills planning 
  • Selection and assistance for recruitment and skills assesment of new hires of for exisiting employees.
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Coaching using Neuro linguisting programming
  • Leadership advisory
  • Team building
  • Corporate functions in management training
  • Human Resources Development advisory
  • Executive Head hunting
  • Assesment centers or Individual assesments for recruitment, promotion or career reorientation

Training and skills development

  • Initiation to First Aid
  • Training in Respiratory Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Automated Electrical Defibrillator Training (AED)
  • Training in fire fighting
  • Training in Human Resources Management (HR marketing, HR Skills, Recruitment, Payroll, Administrative Management)
  • Leadership Training
  • Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming


         Our offices are located in Algiers, Algeria